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Sweet Potato Ravioli with Sweet White Sauce

October 27, 2010

Have you ever cleaned out the pantry or the freezer only to rediscover a special ingredient, that surprisingly hasn’t gone bad yet?  One of those obviously rarely used items that found its way into that hiding spot, because you lacked inspiration at the time, but when reunited, ideas begin to snowball?

This weekend I found a package of wonton wrappers in my freezer.  I’m embarrassed to admit how long they’ve been hiding, so I won’t.  The culinary possibilities for wonton wrappers makes my head go wild- crackers, pastries, wraps, dumplings etc.  Why have they been hiding for so long?

This is a way of making homemade ravioli without having to fuss with the pasta.  In a kitchen the same size as my bathroom, I appreciate minimizing messes, but enjoy a gourmet taste.  Hope you find this inspiring, just be sure not to let the fun get out of hand.

Sweet Potato Ravioli with Sweet White Sauce
Serves 4-6 (Makes 48 raviolis)

Ravioli Ingredients:
1 large sweet potato, skinned and cubed
1 1/2 tsp fresh rosemary, finely minced
salt and pepper to taste
24 wonton wrappers

To Do:
In a large pot, place potato and 6 cups water. Boil until potato cubes are soft.  Set aside 1/3 cup potato water, then drain the rest.  In the large pot, mash potato with the water.  Only 1 cup mashed potato is needed for the recipe, so store the rest for another dish or plan to make extra ravioli.  Mix in rosemary.
Cut wonton wrappers in half to make rectangles. Carefully pull individual wrappers from one another and lay on a baking sheet.  Lightly brush a wrapper with cold water.  Place 1 teaspoon mashed sweet potato on one side and fold over and press the sides closed.  Repeat.  (Note: Wonton wrappers tend to become  more brittle if brushed with water and left to dry without the filling.  Do not brush with water until you are ready to use.)
In a large pot, bring 2 quarts water to boil. Cook ravioli for 2-3 minutes until the pockets rise to the surface.  Scoop ravioli out of water with a straining spoon, so as not to damage the wrapper. 
4: In a large non-stick sauté pan or skillet, heat 1/2 tsp olive oil and 1/4 tsp salt.  Toast 24 ravioli pockets for 3 minutes or until lightly golden brown on each side.  Repeat. Serve warm with sauce or grated cheese.

Note: Ravioli is best fresh, but can be made the day before serving. The pieces may stick together, so be careful when separating before step 3.

White Sauce:
1  c. plain soy milk
2 Tbsp unsalted butter
2 Tbsp flour
salt and pepper to taste

To Do:
In a small saucepan, heat soy milk on med-low heat.  Whisk in butter and flour to thicken. When all clumps have been whisked away, season to taste and enjoy over pasta.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. October 27, 2010 11:33 pm

    Toast the ravs in the boiling water?

    Is that really the appropriate term? (You’d know better than I.)

  2. July 12, 2011 9:58 pm

    I just want you to know that we’ve had wonton wrappers since you posted this. We’re finally using them this week. I’m telling myself it’s because I finally grew my own rosemary. Let me believe it.

    • July 14, 2011 12:13 am

      That’s delightful! I love when people grown their own. Let me know what you think about won ton ravioli after you make it!

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