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Vacation in Mexico

June 2, 2010

Recently I returned from a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico with my husband.  We journeyed south to enjoy dry, sunny weather, a trip to the beach and to see my childhood friend graduate from college.  The trip is my excuse for the lack of blogging here.  The place we stayed didn’t have internet and I enjoyed it so much that the thought of walking to a cafe just for the web seemed like a waste.  Instead I spied on the cardboard recycling man, who tied flattened boxes to his bicycle, the bread seller, who shouted in the streets at 7am and noon, and detected the scent of corn tortillas and tomato sauce from every crevice of the city.

After two days of recovering from jet lag, I already needed a taste from the trip.  My graduated friend, Anna, taught me to make this especially tasty lemonade and I did so today.  The first two food items I learned about in Mexico is that cream cheese is rolled into sushi and lemons are green and small.  Both concepts floored me, but my taste buds soon became adjusted to eating lemon on nearly everything, especially potato chips sprinkled with salt, lemon juice and hot sauce!

Limonada de Guadalajara
Serves 4

1/2 c. water, hot
1/4 c. plus 3 TBS granulated sugar
8 Mexican lemons or Key limes
1 liter mineral water or seltzer water

To Do:
1: Dissolve sugar in the hot water. Set aside.
2: Juice the lemons into a pitcher. Add sugar water and stir together.  Add mineral/seltzer water and stir gently.   Add ice and enjoy!

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